Stories that matter!

Hi there folks! Great to be back with another book and a story to share.

Last week I left with a note that I will talk about a place that I have always dreamt of and then landed there just to feel the joy of accomplishing my bucket-list.

The place where I found myself to be lost within its beauty is Bhutan!

Bhutan is my neighboring country and we have a lot of harmony with them. Even then I realized we are quite different in our mannerisms, our beliefs and our heritage. On the other side of the coin I also found that we are similar in many aspects.

Bhutan is a colorful country with its beautiful flags beckoning the travelers to stop and enjoy the heart of hospitality.

Tiger’s Nest
Tiger’s Nest

After the journey, I found a book that made me realize that dreaming to go far and wide are necessary for human life. And the book that brought me there is: The Alchemist.

It is quite late for the review as this book has definitely made the top of “Must-Read” for many. Still it was an experience I must share with the readers.

Name: The Alchemist
Author: Paulo Coelho

It’s not often I land with a book and think that I have covered a course of my life which people only dreamed of. The reality of life can never match what the dream expects.

I cannot make justice to a book that has been so thoroughly loved and read a million times. So I thought of sharing the quotes that touched me the most.

And here comes another one:

Last but not the least, the book hands out the motivation required for anyone when they are down or depressed. If someone needs a pick me up or a dose of inspiration, go ahead pick it up at your nearest book store. I know that no bookstore will run out of stock for this book!


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