Review: Raven Song!

Fantasy has a way of marking itself into the minds of the reader. The darker the magic runs, the colder the surrounding falls around the reader, pulling one into a trance-like state.

I felt exactly same while reading this amazing book ans without further ado, here comes Raven Song!

Name : Raven Song (Click on the link to buy)

Author: I.A. Ashcroft

Publisher: Lucid Dreams Publishing

ISBN: 978-1944674004

Description of Raven Song:

The year 2147. The world as we knew it has long past changed. The bombing has scraped whatever was left of the environment, making the world a toxic hub.

In this scenario, lives a well hidden secret, named Jackson Dovetail. A man kept in dark about his own life and the powers he wields over himself.

Then arrives a catalyst to his search: Anna Mathews. A woman from the past. Past in terms of hundred years. She time traveled and ended up in a dome covered world where magic is banned, wielding a power so different from the ones yet known to Coalition or the Order.

What does it take for both of them to find who they are and more importantly what they are?

What is stopping Jackson from breaking free from his past? Why bring Anna to this year, after she realizes that she had played past death in the year 2022?

What is that force that drives them from the hands of the Order and Coalition?

And finally what do the ravens sing to them?

My description of the Raven Song:

Before that you may want to visit the author’s website for a quick excerpt to see if the Raven Song sings to you, just as it did to me. Click right here.

When I started with the book, I felt it was pretty normal to use a dystopian setting for a dark magic oriented book. Then the first shock arrived when they started talking about radiation and the year being 2147. Sci-Fi kissed magic right in front of my eyes!

So the point I’m trying to make here is that the Author did a good job mixing ice and fire. In a believable way.

The story is set in a very dark way and there is too much of death in and around the book. One can  feel it right out with the words. The dreams and shadows are the deeper story builders that enable the reader to fall in this endless pit of darkness.

The crazy part is that the story switches from present and past of Jackson very abruptly. It shows his mental state as  the switching happens and glimpses of his past and hallucinations dictate the flow of the story. That is something that confused me a lot.

Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty much a thrilling ride waiting with bated breath as the story bound itself tighter and the past resurfaced. Somewhere in the story-line the reader can make the connection of what is happening. It is rather hard to trust your instinct as the antagonist seems like a raving lunatic!

The magic was not up to the level I had imagined, however the stage is set for more magic to make its appearance in the next book. Oh yes, it shall have a sequel. So a heads-up!

The writing is really amazing as it depicts everything one undergoes in the times of disaster and confusion. Every blow is hard and not softened to make the reading easier. There are times when I didn’t want to read about the death, however I just did. It was totally worth it.

Another amusing thing is that considering a book focusing on magic, I didn’t expect the raven to be on neutral end. I always thought that bird to be crazy, lunatic and villainistic.

Overall the book was a pretty good read and I loved reading it. It felt like I was sitting in a room where the falls were slowly converging on me and the darkness sweeping over me. Do not forget the chill that made my teeth chatter while reading few of the sequences.

This book is definitely not for children and not for realistic people. For Fiction and fantasy lovers, a definite read. I rate the book a 3.99/5 stars!

Review: Passenger!

But should you leave on your own, know that I will go to the ends of the earth to bring you back

  • Nicholas Carter (Passenger)

I always dreamt that someday I  will travel to a distant place to witness the sands of dessert, to touch the snow and ice spread over the mountain peaks, to taste the salty sea as the waves crashes over the jagged stones, to gaze at the full moon at a Buddhist monastery and to breathe in the fresh air of an open meadow when the spring has just set in.

The ticket to this journey came from one book:

Name: Passenger  (Click on the name to buy)

Author: Alexander Bracken

Publisher: Quercus

alexandra-bracken-passenger Description of Passenger:

Etta is just a normal girl deeply involved with violin and waiting to give her debut. Her life takes a sudden turn when she overhears a conversation between her instructor Alice and her mother Rose.

Her life spins out of control when she loses her near and dear ones along with the place she grew up in and the time that she belonged to. She finds herself traveling not just to places but also to different times.

Nicholas is a guy from the eighteenth century, who belong to the powerful Ironwood family, however, isn’t legitimate to carry his father’s name. He is a mere step-brother to Julian who is destined to die on Nicholas’ watch. He is traveling in his time on a ship with a dream to own one for himself.

His duty: get his passenger to Cyrus Ironwood.

His moral: Don’t let his passenger die like Julian did.

His heart: Don’t let her go.

The second shift occurs when Etta meets Ironwood. She is thrust into the duty of finding a family heirloom that is powerful enough to change the past, present, and future, tearing away millions of lives and events that can actually save people.

However, Ironwood has a different set of plans, plans that require Etta to travel.

And where Etta goes, Nicholas goes.

From the midst of wars, jungles, revolution and desert, Etta takes on a journey that is perilous, heart racing and dangerous. What are the odds that she can save herself and her loved ones?

Come take a journey with Etta and Nicholas along the tides of time by being a passenger.

Take a look at the trailer right here:

My take on Passenger:


I had the passenger on my read list from the time my friends suggested it. I bought it nearly a two months ago but couldn’t invest time to read it.

Then Diwali happened.

I started reading it and couldn’t keep it down. I wouldn’t say that the book was an easy sail, however, the reading experience was amazing.

The story started in a normal YA style building the character to someone I like and would love to read more about. The protagonist, Etta is a headstrong girl who doesn’t cower when faced with a challenge.

Then Nicholas, I just love the way his character is developed. His confusions and his struggle with who he is and what he wants to be is something that was well written.

The best part was the journey to various places in various time periods.

There were times when the story seemed very monotonous, maybe that was because I couldn’t connect to a lot of places and a lot of situations. The story picks up the pace at some point and then there is no stopping the journey.

The pace is fast but written in a beautiful way. Overall the book deserves a 4/5 stars for all the imagination and the amazing places that I have virtually been to now.

Review: When Arya Fell Through The Fault

Somewhere in time

That’s the sentence etched into my mind after reading this book. There is has been multiple attempts by various authors to bring the greatest Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharat to the children of the modern days. By far this is the best one I

By far this is the best one I have read. So without further ado here comes: When Arya Fell Through Fault.

Name: When Arya Fell Through The Fault (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora

Publishers: Om Books International

ISBN: 98-93-81607626

whenaryafellthroughfaut.jpg Description of When Arya Fell Through The Fault: 

This is a coming-of-age story of a 12-year-old Indian-American Arya. He loves the stories that his mother tells him, taking him into the mystic lands of Ramayana. However, being on the other end of cultural confusion and not able to fit in with people, He starts hating his origin and tries to avoid it.

Little did he know that life would eventually catch up and make him repent his mistakes, one-by-one.

When one punishment ends up taking the most precious thing in his life away from him, he is wrecked and somehow fate intervenes and takes him on an unbelievable journey.

The journey shows his life in a mirror, his achievements, and his darkest deeds. The solution is presented o him to save the one thing that matters to him the most. Will he take it? Or will he not?

whenaryafellthroughfault4-compressor.png My Take on When Arya Fell Through The Fault:

First I thought that this is a children’s book and had a small let down when I realized that the protagonist-Arya is a brat and too childish for my liking.

However, after a little thought on the book, I understood that maybe growing up away from home where you live the stories, leaves you hollow.

I was one of the most fortunate people, who grew up listening to the laurels of Lord Rama and mischiefs of Lord Krishna. Thank God for that!

Coming back to the book, the beginning chapters are written very well, more relatable to children rather than adults. Being 20 and reading a book for 12-year-old may have made me feel little awkward.

That feeling didn’t last long,

Because the author gives twists that anyone of any age can relate to and understand. The story becomes more interesting and amazing with each turn of the page.

The Best part is

The conclusion. Nothing can be as amazing as that. After reading it I was like “How can the Author make something so sad the happiest moment in the book??”

It is such a beautiful ending that I must have read it around five times just to relive the emotions I felt while reading it.

Maybe the book is for children, maybe people who have read Ramayana find it little boring, maybe the starting was very weird and you can say anything you want, but nothing, absolutely nothing can match the ending. It is the best and the perfect ending I could ever imagine. The whole book is waiting for you to reach there, to live that moment.

I read while commuting back from college and the sun was setting with golden hues painting the skies marking the end of an amazing story. I remember looking at all the other people traveling with me and wondering did they just feel the sadness? did they feel the emotions of Arya? did they go through the trauma? maybe not, maybe they never will.

However one thing is for sure,

Everyone who reads this carries with them Arya’s lesson. An adult or a child, they will remember it!

Thank you, Nishant Joshi! And thank you Reenita Ma’am for such a good read! A 3.75/5 star indeed!

Review: Fire, Wings and Claws

How soon we forget that we were once kids who watched Harry Potter and Hobbit! I was one of those people who read Cornelia Funke’s Ink Heart series looking for dragons and Eragon by Christopher Paolini just for the elves. I had an amazing time reading them.

Then I came across a book that reminded me of those good times and also left me with a realization that I have officially grown up. Here comes: Fire, Wings and Claws.

Name: Fire,Wings and Claws (Click on the name to be re-directed to “buy” option)

Author:  Kiran Damera

Publishers: Kiwi Books

firewingsclaws.jpg  Story of Fire, Wings and Claws:

So to every fantasy fan out there, you would have got the important point about the book: Dragons.

For those unlucky ones who haven’t grasped it yet, this book is about a twelve-year-old kid named Ian who along with his friend Drake is super mischievous and adventurous. This entangles them into business of people from another world: Scyrin.

Due to unfortunate circumstances they end up tumbling into that world’s politics and warfare. But that’s not the point.

The point is……

Dragons! Every kind, every color, every shape and size have a place for them right here. Wait.

I digress.

Soon the people of Scyrin realize that Ian is the only one who can save them the evil Carloth, who is the king without kingdom and is waiting to take over Scyrin and the Scarlet Heart.

My Review :

The book is suitable for school kids as they can truly relate and enjoy it. If I were a fourteen year old, I would have liked it a lot.

But since I’m an adult, or so I think, it took me back to the era where even I had posters of dragon on my walls. The story was good, plot not exactly highly developed and characters are also not that extraordinary.

The irony of the book:

  • The parents of Ian are not essential to the story line, so lets side line them.
  • Introduce Dumbledore! Wait. Sorry, not Dumbledore. But someone in those shoes.
  • Let the Dwarfs be the enemies of dragons and their location a secret. Hobbit much?
  • People be aware, coming to India on a wrong plane can take you to Scyrin. Use the correct map.
  • The king and people of Scyrin are really good and kind. Too sweet for that matter. I’d be very suspicious if people wearing weird clothes dropped in front of my home with a dagger in hand and a broken flying machine.
  • Nice castle. No I’m not talking about Hogwarts. This is all original and pretty cool. I liked the beast in the basement better.
  • Villain is original. Bonus points.
  • Dragons! but vegetarian. Don’t eat tasty humans.

One thing that annoyed be beyond anything is editing work of the book. Every time you read Drake as drake, I want to tear a sheet. Wait I’d tear the book completely at this book. A lot of grammar mistakes and spellings. So that’s when I realized, I’m a grown up. Even I started worrying about spellings.

With all that I rate the book 3/5 stars! Bonus and credits to Dragons!

I thank the Author and Anuj Kumar for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. I also thank the author for reminding how fun it is to be a kid again! Thank you!


The Glass Sword


Everyone knows that Red Queen was an instant hit among the new generation. But a question burned when Glass Sword came out. Will it be as amazing as the Red Queen?

Will it make Red Queen seem like nothing?

Will it shatter the hopes?




Name: The Glass Sword (Click on the link to be diverted to Amazon page)

Author:  Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen.


After the betrayal of prince Maven in the first book and a trail which Cal and Mare overcame, the story continues with Mare being taken to the Colonel, who has taken up the control from Farley, after her disastrous incident in the first book. The whole Barrow family is reunited but Mare has another mission: to save people like her, the newbloods.

But Mare and Cal seem to have entered a new prison when they stepped into Tuck. Somehow they break free and start recruiting newbloods. But Maven is not stupid. He leaves a trail of bodies for Mare to see and feel responsible for. Every dead body is a message that signifies Mare to turn herself.

What will Mare do? Will she be able to find and save the newbloods? Will she build an army? Or will she bow to the cruel prince’s wishes?

Take a look at the trailer by Epic Reads:

My take:

glasssword The second book of the series was very similar to Hunger Games. Here the prey has turned predator and thus an impending war looms over the horizon.

Maven is the only character that still remains same. Rest all have developed so well and they have changed gradually from victims to defenders.

The major difference in the first and second book apart from the obvious is that the story overtone is pretty serious and not a lot of Silver houses are seen. The focus is on newbloods. Other than the main characters, the story is taking a slow turn towards unknown territory. Also, the military stuff seemed rather boring becauseglasssword4   I expected more of super abilities and more training sessions. But the story takes a dive directly into the war rather than how they survive their training period. That was something I thought could have made better.

Lastly, cliffhanger!!!! I hate it with all my heart!

Now the wait begins……

Until the next book releases…..

The Silver-Red blood

redqueen  What can I tell that the whole world has not yet said?

That I broke a promise for this book? Yes, that’s the only thing I guess.

My promise was that I would never ever review a book that is pretty famous and has a huge fan following of its own.

I shall break it when I talk about this book.


redqueen4 Name: Red Queen (Click on the name to be re-directed to Amazon page)

Author: Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen


In a whole new world by Victoria Aveyard, the world is divided into Silvers, the people with silver blood and special abilities and Reds, people with red blood and worthy enough to be slaves.

Out of these Reds, emerges Mare Barrow, the girl with red blood but silver abilities, taking the world by surprise. She is then hidden from the world as Mareena Titanos, a Silver born noble and betrothed to the second prince of Calore.

But lies and deception, torture and pain divert the story in a new direction, bringing in thousands of victims  and betrayal by one who stole her heart away.

Will Mare rise as the Red Queen, fighting the world? or is she in for a bitter surprise that can end her life?

Watch the trailer by epic reads here:

My Take:

Such an amazing book! It was so good that the minute I finished this, I took up the next book: The Glass Sword. (Which I shall review next). The starting of the story made me get the “Hunger games” vibe, don’t know why considering both are pretty much different.

Also, it gave me a Pokemon vibe too, for there were so many Silvers with amazing abilities.

I shouldn’t be diverting. So the story is something so magical that you can start reading and simply dive into it. You won’t even realize that you are reading the book like tomorrow shall never come. Anything else I say will not make much difference. The book was really amazing and a must read for all YA fans out there!



Secretly Yours

“What’s so beautiful about it?” I asked. “It’s an everyday sight”.

She continued gazing at the sky in admiration. Then she turned to me. “Isn’t it odd?” she said. “Just because it’s an everyday sight we don’t appreciate it.”


“Imagine if a blind person could see just for a couple of minutes. How would he feel about this sight?”

  • Secretly Yours

Have you read or watched twilight? Well, how about an Indian version of the story? Wait till you hear out the details of the book, don’t jump to conclusion of sparkly vampires, they don’t make an appearance.

Name: Secretly Yours  (Click on the link to be directed to Amazon page)

Author:  Vikrant Khanna 

Publishers: Penguin

ISBN: 9780143425915



Sahil is a young boy of seventeen who thinks that life has been unfair to him taking away his parents at his birth, leaving him to blame for their deaths and in the care of grandmother. He finds life a purgatory and existence mundane. He thinks that death can give solace that life cannot give.


A day comes when he meets the most beautiful girl of his life, Anya.

Coincidentally, Shilma also witnesses  a serial killer, murdering men brutally and castrating their corpses.

Life goes on beautifully for Sahil, but little did he know her secrets. She tries to change his mind about life in general and how to treasure it. On the way Sahil falls deeply in love with Anya, but circumstances lead him into a terrible accident.

This accident gives him one super power, the power to be able to read minds. Now he has another way to pry into Anya’s secrets and find out the truth about her existence.

My take:

I know, I made a reference to twilight, but no, Anya is not a vampire.

Then why relate to it? I’ll go in detail about the book and why I make stupid comments at times.

  • The story starts with death, which is the new “start here” point for the living. (Sarcasm included).
  • Protagonist is a typical bad boy who drinks (at the age of seventeen, I think there was a drinking age in my country. Times do change pretty quickly!), smokes and has all the evils. He is the kind of person you end up detesting and is obsessed with death. (you can hate him now).
  • A super achieving brother and a cousin amazing sister, mirroring the incapability of the protagonist to be anything better in life.
  • Protagonist is guitarist and a writer, Hmmm where have I heard this before? Wait Bollywood!
  • Protagonist is blamed for everything bad happening in every otherthaa character’s life cliché.
  • Love story enters!! **Claps**
  • Hero’s love interest has too many secrets and disappears at critical moments. The reader can guess the story next with support provided by news reports that states that there had been brutal murders in Shimla.

Then the story takes supernatural turns and somewhere the story is both absurd and interesting in a way. It’s like one wants to see where the story will go next. Also the story recounts the individual stories of all the characters, bringing in a lot of depth to the story and the plot. This is one reason where the reader can just fall into the story.

The story makes the reader think on life and death, it’s consequences and the perspectives of those left behind. It shows the regrets that a person may have if he has degraded the luxuries of life and has committed heinous crimes. This story gives a really good moral and I think all sins can be forgiven for that account alone. The story has the perfect ending that it can possibly ask for. So not a total waste, though read the book when you have some spare time. It is definitely better than Twilight and has the Indian touch to it.

Thus considering everything I rate this book a 3.5/5!