Review: Finding Juliet

When you look back, most days in life seem ordinary, but there are some that change your life forever and remain etched in your memory.

  • Finding Juliet

A lot of love stories for the valentine month and I hadn’t expected four in one love story plus few odd ones here and there in a single book.

Times are changing. The book that showed me that was:

Name: Finding Juliet

Author: Toffee

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-82665-85-4

finding juliet.jpg  Description of Finding Juliet:

Arjun is a geek engineer with bad luck hovering over him in the department of love.

When his friend asks him about the past, Arjun divulges in his story of how lady luck shied away from him not once.


Then there is another part of his life with friends and parents he neglects every time a new girl walks into his life.

When that same girl walks out, he reverts back to his life support: Anjali.

It takes time for him to articulate his thoughts and understand what exactly is he searching for when everyone around him gives him the “Handbook of understanding women”.

Will he finally understand what his heart wants? Does the fate have something else planned for him?


My take on Finding Juliet:

There was a time when a single love story sufficed for a book and a person. The requirements to an exciting love story changed not in quality but with quantity. Triangle love stories turned into hexagon and octagon love stories. Now one-to-one stories with too many intersections and speed breakers make up for a “good” love story.

This book starts off on the same lines.

However, this book surprised me when it changed course and came to a stand still when it decided to become “The Handbook of understanding women and their behavior!”

That was kind of funny and at times infuriating. I was wondering, “Do girls really do that?”

If you think the book is coming to an end, you are in for a sweet surprise. The hero becomes a playboy. A geek is reborn as a flirt.

That is the moment when he witnesses that many men live a hollow life because of too much expectation from things that cannot and do not deliver.

The writing is simple, interesting and the grammatical mistakes are only present in dialogues giving it a colloquial touch rather than highlight itself as a mistake.

This book is for young adults and people who love “love stories”. I for one am not that much into them hence, if the book inspired me enough to make me read it completely, then that book is good enough read.

Overall I liked the book and I feel that it is a light read, good enough for a break read rather than a serious read.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Review: One Indian Girl

I think I’m crazy. No. I am pretty much crazy. Reason?

The book which I read even after hearing everyone, I repeat, hearing everyone say “not worth reading”.

I’m a glutton for self-punishing by reading books that antagonize the reader.

If you are pretty fed-up with life and want to feel good, pick this book up and tell yourself that even if you choose to write a story, you would do better than this.

If you are still confused, then the book is One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat.

Name: One Indian Girl

Author: Chetan Bhagat.

Publisher: Roopa Publication

ISBN: 978-81-291-4214-6

one indian girl.jpg Description of One Indian Girl:

Meet Radhika, a super achiever working at Goldman Sachs and earning over half a million.

Meet Brijesh, the poor guy getting married to Radhika.

Seems like a simple love story?

Well, you are yet to know Radhika well. She is a “Feminist”.

Sounds like a different specimen right? Not exactly.

She wants equality. In what exactly?

Wait till the end.

This is her story of never-ending narration of her past and failed relationships. So read at your own risk.

Okay, what’s the point of two sections of my opinion and the blurb? It sounds the same to me.

On this Valentine’s day, I will suggest every single person read this book. Why? You will definitely feel so awesome about being single!!!

Back to the book, I will be very mature and write what exactly I liked about the book rather than crib about it at this point.

I liked the cover.

So coming to what I didn’t like about the book:

The story. There wasn’t any.

The point I’m trying to make is this: The book kind of demeans the reader’s intellect and the culture India as a whole stands for. There is a character assassination of every Punjabi Mom for I, being a Bangalorean can tell you Punjabi mothers are not bears and are not ultra stupid. Next Punjabi fathers. I don’t think they are biased people who keep silent during the raging world war at home. However, I shall not stand to judge that.

Next Punjabi fathers. I don’t think they are biased people who keep silent during the raging world war at home. However, I shall not stand to judge that.

Coming to young women of India who happen to go out of the nation. Well, no comments again. I don’t think they end up being so mentally weak that they require others to control their highs and lows.

Finally the guys of this epic book, Debu, the useless, Neel, the careless, and Brijesh, the helpless. I can’t describe these masterpieces with words. I find myself lost with my sorrow at how stupid these men are and clearly clueless.

I totally give up after so much frustration. I did this to myself.

So now to get over book depression I choose to go pick up another book. Hope that is better in that One Indian Girl.

Guess what? I have a feeling that it will be.

Review: The Seventh Cup

It’s very rare a book can confuse me, in a good sense, and makes me think about the plot. It’s even rarer when the book has a story that shocks me and makes me say “Oh My God!”

Finally, the rarest thing that can happen to me is having nothing to say about a book other than “AMAZING!!!”

Without further ado, here is the book that has stopped me from speaking too much.

Name: The Seventh Cup (To buy The Seventh Cup, click on the name)

Author:  Nitesh Kumar Jain


Description of THE SEVENTH CUP:


The story will not find justice if I try to provide a description. I have a feeling I would spoil the suspense of it. I will still try to do my best without giving away any spoilers.

This a love story, a crime story, a suspense story, a mystery story and a story that you wouldn’t expect. It starts off slowly with a love story. Then comes the history and archaeology lessons. Slowly there is a glimpse into story inside a story and a play inside a story. I’m not making sense.

So let me go again.

The story revolves around a Swiss girl gone missing. One detective, one exchange student, one maniac.

They all come together to search the girl with all their heart.

The first person, aka, detective Susanne,  tries to search for the missing girl based on the past and the words of the maniac.

The second person, aka, Riya, searches her dear and close friend based on the instinct and the Universal law of Attraction. It’s her faith and friendship that brings her all the way from Goa to Swiss in search of her friend.

The third person, aka, the maniac, Avinash is the guy madly in love with the missing girl, Verona. Their story starts in Goa but later the story takes a flight and reaches Zurich.

Entry another suspect. The missing girl’s boyfriend. Kevin 1. (What’s with the weird name? Find out in the book)

What happened to Verona? Which is the story that leads to the truth? Where is Verona?

My review of THE SEVENTH CUP:

This story is so intricately woven that even a single description can reveal everything or make it into a confusing knot. There is a fine balance between the characters which are so complexly developed. What made the story really amazing for me was its plot

It seems like the story talks about mundane stuff. In the end, when everything is unwrapping that’s when I felt like throwing buckets of water over my head for not realizing the truth and where the story was heading. Not a single guess can help you in stating “I know where it goes”.

Though there was a point where I felt it was a tad bit boring. The part where the story starts repeating and retracing. You can understand this only if you read the book. What a state! I am robbed out of words!

Altogether, this is a story which is very similar in the lines of Gone Girl. An exception is that the lead is not a crazy woman. Also one more thing. The story makes use of science, religion and a close concept of energy and matter. If you don’t find the relevance of this at the beginning, keep patience. You will eventually find all the answers.

Overall the book was an amazing read and I rate it 4.5/5 cups of coffee with lots of milk and sugar! I thank the Author and Anuj Kumar for providing this book in exchange for an honest review. I seriously loved it and hope everyone reads this soon! (I wouldn’t mind if it was made into a movie either!)

Review: Let The Game Begin!

History is one subject that has the power of sweeping us into its pages before we can understand what is happening. What about mythology? What happens when the history of chess meets the mythology behind it?

Name: LET THE GAME BEGIN! (Click on the name to be redirected to the Amazon page).

Author:  Sandeep Sharma

Publishers: Inspire India Publishers

ISBN: 978-9385783463

Take a look at the trailer here:

Description of Let the Game Begin!:

The story began 4000 years ago when two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war. Chaturang eventually wins in the war.

Unfortunately….. let the game begin

It loses the only heir, killing the kingdom from within itself. That story ends right there. At least that’s what the history suggests.

The unknown fact is that a mysterious man from the mountain descended to help the king of Chaturanga to recreate the battle that took his son away. There a bitter truth is revealed….

Present day:

People are falling dead like leaves from a tree in autumn. The only clue regarding the killer- the intricately carved chess pawns and a message that says “Let The Game Begin!”.

The police are baffled and they will have to go back through the history and mythology to the very origins of Chess to find the truth about the Chess Killer. This was never meant to be a game, it was war!

My review of Let The Game Begin:

The story, in the beginning, feels like it was written by Ashwin Sanghi. Why did I do such a comparison? Because his book The Krishna Key was my benchmark for a mythological thriller in India. Until Let The Game Begin. It is wrong to compare both as both are very different and each one of them is unique in their own aspect.

Coming back to Let The Game Begin, I had a great time reading this book. Writing a mystery is hard, but a mystery with a mythological background is harder. So from my point of view, this is how the story proceeds:

  • Random killings where the victim is found with a parcel containing a chess piece and a message is found. The message stating “Let The game begin!”.
  • Every clue leads to a dead-end in the first inspection due to police searching only the  motive.
  • A historian named Dinesh Gandhi is brought in to assist in decoding the mysterious message left by the killer.
  • This historian helps find clues towards the mysterious killer.

This is the basic layout but not the whole story. This is where things turn crazy and the mystery comes close to the people in search of truth. The truth buried by historians comes out in bits and pieces. The truth regarding the game called CHESS is waiting to come out.

Will the killer be successful? How many people should die before the killer is satisfied? Will the police capture the killer? chess.jpg

To find the answers, order your book today! Okay Okay, I’m sorry. I understand how it feels to take a peek and end with that statement but I’m honest when I say read that book. It was really good. There were a few situations where I was very confused, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

So considering all of this I rate this book 3.75/5! A total entertainer but one thing that made me sad, the story doesn’t end here. Have to wait for the next book….

Waiting until then……

Review: A Broken Man

India is a country where every person is born with two identities. One is the religion and other is the caste.

But this identity is further grotesquely twisted. Poverty and shame are the add-ons for few while, fame and power are the defining terms. Where is this division seen prominently? Obviously the Universities. There have been huge riots all over the country too.

Using this burning situation as the backdrop, Akash Verma brings another heart-warming story of love, dream and fight.

Name: A Broken Man (Click on the name to be directed to Amazon page)

Author:Akash Verma (Click on the name to visit the author’s website)

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-82665-69-4


About the Author:

Akash Verma is an entrepreneur. His work has taken him across the country and he finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories. He has published two National Best sellers till now, It Happenend That Night and Three Times Loser.

Descritpion of A Broken Man

Life is hard for the low caste-born Krishna, who hails from a small village in Bihar and currently suding in the University of Lucknow. To find fame, he tries joining the University politics where he encounters Chhavi, a high cast Brahmin girl whose father is one of the big names in politics. Their story starts with Krishna opposing Chhavi’s party and disrupting their meetings.

But one fateful day, Chhavi’s life is in danger as she is being burnt alive for the sake of politics. Looking at this Krishna realises his mistake and tries to save her. A lower caste boy saving the upper caste girl causes an uproar.

But they know what it means to be each other’s saviour. So they fall in love. But they cannot live their lives based on what they feel. They are required to live a life based on what society tells them to. Thus they are crushed and separated from each other. Years pass until one day Krishna must once again go abck to find his Chhavi and set their lives straight. Will he be able to do that?

Take a look at the trailer:

My Review:

The story  is very well written and neatly presented. Even though the central theme is highly sensitive, that is the caste issue, the author has highlighted it so effortlessly amidst a love story. The story brings about a varied set of emotions that range from being emotionally shut down to bursting with joy.

While reading this book, have a background sound of any of the tracks by Arijeeth Singh (That’s what I did) to literally get lost into the book. The words pop out and touch you while doing so.

In the book the part that I felt as amazing was the way the author has brought about movies, protests and even politics into the love story which shows that love is not a single entity in a person’s life. There are other major events that trigger this.

Also the hope, the hard work and the passion for an art is something that made me love this book.

All together I rate this book 4.5/5 stars!

I thank Writers Melon for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading and reviewing it!

I also thank the author for bringing out such an amazing story.



Review: The Soft Target

There is a question that most of us fail to understand, why does God target people to keep troubling them for the whole of their life?

For a long time, even I wondered the same as many people I know of were in a constant whirlpool of problems. But I never tried looking at the situation from another perspective.

What if these problems only came in the way to teach us how to be strong and brave?

To think on those lines, Author Kalyan Nanda, has given an amazing opportunity through the book called: The Soft Target.


Name: The Soft Target (Click on the name to be redirected to Amazon page)

Author: Kalyan Nanda

Publishers: Notion Press

About The Soft Target:

Mohan Mishra is one of a kind person with a “blessed” or rather “differently blessed” by a weird kind of mental disorder.

He is a genius in mind, but when he opens his mouth, the only thing that gets out is gibberish. He cannot share what passes through his mind. This is the reason he is targeted and humiliated in every avenue possible. Even then he doesn’t lose hope. But God has planned something for Mohan.

He puts Mohan on another trial, taking away everything precious to him and testing him against many odds, but Mohan survives this every time. He also meets Nikhil and Brij, his supporting pillars through life who does not care that he sprouts nonsense. They cherish him for who he is. When life starts getting smoother…….

God enters as the villain!

He puts Mohan yet again on the biggest trail of his life, where Mohan has everything to lose. Will Mohan emerge unscathed? Will he choose the right path despite his problems? Will he take the easy way out?

My review of The Soft Target:

Brave is the heart that beats even when there is nothing left to fight for.

Initially, when I started the book, I was confused. The book felt like some Hindi television serial with different episodes showcasing Mohan and his woes. Also, bringing in Nihkil and Brij as different episodes I was wondering how it would turn out. But at some point in the story, all of it was clubbed together and made the story flow easily and made it very interesting.

But then again, no book is without a sin.

The things that irked me in the story:

  1. Brij. Yes, I hated that character initially. He is the symbol of cliché. Typical Bollywood roadside Romeo. From his commentary to his thinking, everything makes me want to scratch my hair out! He is that irritating. (But later there is a point where I pity him too, so no hard feelings)
  2. Bringing in Mumbai Mafia. How much filmy can the book get?
  3. Drugs, Alcohol and Guns. Why use them? Real Estate. But this sin can be forgiven, as the story woven around this is really interesting and makes the reader get hooked to it.

But wait, there are things that I really loved:

The soft target brings you the much-needed “Courtroom Drama!”. Here is the story where policers are not corrupt and public prosecutor is not an idiot. That’s breaking the stereotype. I like you, author!

Also, the research that went into movies, hospitals, Eminem, laws and IITian love stories, is highly commendable. Confused? What has Eminem got to do with Mafia? That’s the beauty of The Soft Target!

So considering everything said above, I rate the book 3.75/5 stars!

I thank Kalyan Nanda and Nishanth Joshi for providing a copy of the soft target, in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading it.

When Strangers meet..

Recently I came across many books which orient themselves in the romance or love stories category. I was wondering, “what happened to those stories that talked about life in general?”  That’s when I felt, no, the next book by an Indian author that I’m going to read should not have love as the center plot.

Do you know how difficult it is search a book like that?? My country is amazing in that aspect. All the books I found had some form of love, if not anything, just having pets and loving them included.

So the I changed my criteria, let me find a book that isn’t stupidly in love where the story is different at least. That’s when I came across “When Strangers Meet..”

Name: When Strangers Meet (Click on the name to be directed to the Amazon page)

Author:  K. Hari Kumar  

Publisher: Srishti

whenstar.jpg Description:

This is the story of three people who meet because fate brings them together. The story starts with Jai Sharma, a teenager with huge temper tantrum runs away from his house.

He comes to a metro station and waits at the station lounge. There he meets Hussain Ansari, a tea vendor who won the lottery.

But there is no interaction between them. While waiting, Jai meets Iyer. Iyer tells his life story to Jai, which Jai realizes as his own story. The story makes an impact on Jai so that he views his life from a different perspective. He finds himself thinking over his actions and decisions. Did he do a mistake? Is the sufferings of his parents justified? Was his ego worth the pain?

My Take:

The story is quite simple and plain. The writing is easy to understand and the story is not generic. It is taken from a common household story, woven into an intricate design and made into a perfect blanket that the readers can slip into.

Though really amazing the book does use all the Bollywood tricks  that one can think of.

  • Protagonist a typical bad boy who wants to go to Mumbai to become a superstar.
  • Fate causes meeting with unexpected people with same or similar past.
  • The dramatic life of Krishnaprasad Iyer
  • Reference to stereotypical Tamilians and clubbing every South Indian as Tamilian. (I’m pretty touchy about that)
  • Reference to Rajnikanth and Thalaivar.
  • Female lead falls for the uneducated, temperamental  and egoistic lead guy.
  • Protagonist has the antagonist as father, and subject of being a villain: MATHEMATICS. (I don’t like the protagonist, because math is nice)
  • Protagonist runs away from home and the repetition of previously narrated sequence appears.
  • Dramatic change of life for the protagonist but a guy who believes in supernatural stuff and doesn’t visit his parents.
  • Parent on death-bed.

I think I did miss a few, but it doesn’t matter, you get the idea where it is heading. But there are a few twists to the story that you don’t expect and that is what keeps the reader going as the story proceeds.

That’s why I rate this book 3/5 stars!.