Review: When Arya Fell Through The Fault

Somewhere in time

That’s the sentence etched into my mind after reading this book. There is has been multiple attempts by various authors to bring the greatest Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharat to the children of the modern days. By far this is the best one I

By far this is the best one I have read. So without further ado here comes: When Arya Fell Through Fault.

Name: When Arya Fell Through The Fault (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora

Publishers: Om Books International

ISBN: 98-93-81607626

whenaryafellthroughfaut.jpg Description of When Arya Fell Through The Fault: 

This is a coming-of-age story of a 12-year-old Indian-American Arya. He loves the stories that his mother tells him, taking him into the mystic lands of Ramayana. However, being on the other end of cultural confusion and not able to fit in with people, He starts hating his origin and tries to avoid it.

Little did he know that life would eventually catch up and make him repent his mistakes, one-by-one.

When one punishment ends up taking the most precious thing in his life away from him, he is wrecked and somehow fate intervenes and takes him on an unbelievable journey.

The journey shows his life in a mirror, his achievements, and his darkest deeds. The solution is presented o him to save the one thing that matters to him the most. Will he take it? Or will he not?

whenaryafellthroughfault4-compressor.png My Take on When Arya Fell Through The Fault:

First I thought that this is a children’s book and had a small let down when I realized that the protagonist-Arya is a brat and too childish for my liking.

However, after a little thought on the book, I understood that maybe growing up away from home where you live the stories, leaves you hollow.

I was one of the most fortunate people, who grew up listening to the laurels of Lord Rama and mischiefs of Lord Krishna. Thank God for that!

Coming back to the book, the beginning chapters are written very well, more relatable to children rather than adults. Being 20 and reading a book for 12-year-old may have made me feel little awkward.

That feeling didn’t last long,

Because the author gives twists that anyone of any age can relate to and understand. The story becomes more interesting and amazing with each turn of the page.

The Best part is

The conclusion. Nothing can be as amazing as that. After reading it I was like “How can the Author make something so sad the happiest moment in the book??”

It is such a beautiful ending that I must have read it around five times just to relive the emotions I felt while reading it.

Maybe the book is for children, maybe people who have read Ramayana find it little boring, maybe the starting was very weird and you can say anything you want, but nothing, absolutely nothing can match the ending. It is the best and the perfect ending I could ever imagine. The whole book is waiting for you to reach there, to live that moment.

I read while commuting back from college and the sun was setting with golden hues painting the skies marking the end of an amazing story. I remember looking at all the other people traveling with me and wondering did they just feel the sadness? did they feel the emotions of Arya? did they go through the trauma? maybe not, maybe they never will.

However one thing is for sure,

Everyone who reads this carries with them Arya’s lesson. An adult or a child, they will remember it!

Thank you, Nishant Joshi! And thank you Reenita Ma’am for such a good read! A 3.75/5 star indeed!

The Glass Sword


Everyone knows that Red Queen was an instant hit among the new generation. But a question burned when Glass Sword came out. Will it be as amazing as the Red Queen?

Will it make Red Queen seem like nothing?

Will it shatter the hopes?




Name: The Glass Sword (Click on the link to be diverted to Amazon page)

Author:  Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen.


After the betrayal of prince Maven in the first book and a trail which Cal and Mare overcame, the story continues with Mare being taken to the Colonel, who has taken up the control from Farley, after her disastrous incident in the first book. The whole Barrow family is reunited but Mare has another mission: to save people like her, the newbloods.

But Mare and Cal seem to have entered a new prison when they stepped into Tuck. Somehow they break free and start recruiting newbloods. But Maven is not stupid. He leaves a trail of bodies for Mare to see and feel responsible for. Every dead body is a message that signifies Mare to turn herself.

What will Mare do? Will she be able to find and save the newbloods? Will she build an army? Or will she bow to the cruel prince’s wishes?

Take a look at the trailer by Epic Reads:

My take:

glasssword The second book of the series was very similar to Hunger Games. Here the prey has turned predator and thus an impending war looms over the horizon.

Maven is the only character that still remains same. Rest all have developed so well and they have changed gradually from victims to defenders.

The major difference in the first and second book apart from the obvious is that the story overtone is pretty serious and not a lot of Silver houses are seen. The focus is on newbloods. Other than the main characters, the story is taking a slow turn towards unknown territory. Also, the military stuff seemed rather boring becauseglasssword4   I expected more of super abilities and more training sessions. But the story takes a dive directly into the war rather than how they survive their training period. That was something I thought could have made better.

Lastly, cliffhanger!!!! I hate it with all my heart!

Now the wait begins……

Until the next book releases…..

The Silver-Red blood

redqueen  What can I tell that the whole world has not yet said?

That I broke a promise for this book? Yes, that’s the only thing I guess.

My promise was that I would never ever review a book that is pretty famous and has a huge fan following of its own.

I shall break it when I talk about this book.


redqueen4 Name: Red Queen (Click on the name to be re-directed to Amazon page)

Author: Victoria Aveyard 

Publishers: HarperTeen


In a whole new world by Victoria Aveyard, the world is divided into Silvers, the people with silver blood and special abilities and Reds, people with red blood and worthy enough to be slaves.

Out of these Reds, emerges Mare Barrow, the girl with red blood but silver abilities, taking the world by surprise. She is then hidden from the world as Mareena Titanos, a Silver born noble and betrothed to the second prince of Calore.

But lies and deception, torture and pain divert the story in a new direction, bringing in thousands of victims  and betrayal by one who stole her heart away.

Will Mare rise as the Red Queen, fighting the world? or is she in for a bitter surprise that can end her life?

Watch the trailer by epic reads here:

My Take:

Such an amazing book! It was so good that the minute I finished this, I took up the next book: The Glass Sword. (Which I shall review next). The starting of the story made me get the “Hunger games” vibe, don’t know why considering both are pretty much different.

Also, it gave me a Pokemon vibe too, for there were so many Silvers with amazing abilities.

I shouldn’t be diverting. So the story is something so magical that you can start reading and simply dive into it. You won’t even realize that you are reading the book like tomorrow shall never come. Anything else I say will not make much difference. The book was really amazing and a must read for all YA fans out there!



Secretly Yours

“What’s so beautiful about it?” I asked. “It’s an everyday sight”.

She continued gazing at the sky in admiration. Then she turned to me. “Isn’t it odd?” she said. “Just because it’s an everyday sight we don’t appreciate it.”


“Imagine if a blind person could see just for a couple of minutes. How would he feel about this sight?”

  • Secretly Yours

Have you read or watched twilight? Well, how about an Indian version of the story? Wait till you hear out the details of the book, don’t jump to conclusion of sparkly vampires, they don’t make an appearance.

Name: Secretly Yours  (Click on the link to be directed to Amazon page)

Author:  Vikrant Khanna 

Publishers: Penguin

ISBN: 9780143425915



Sahil is a young boy of seventeen who thinks that life has been unfair to him taking away his parents at his birth, leaving him to blame for their deaths and in the care of grandmother. He finds life a purgatory and existence mundane. He thinks that death can give solace that life cannot give.


A day comes when he meets the most beautiful girl of his life, Anya.

Coincidentally, Shilma also witnesses  a serial killer, murdering men brutally and castrating their corpses.

Life goes on beautifully for Sahil, but little did he know her secrets. She tries to change his mind about life in general and how to treasure it. On the way Sahil falls deeply in love with Anya, but circumstances lead him into a terrible accident.

This accident gives him one super power, the power to be able to read minds. Now he has another way to pry into Anya’s secrets and find out the truth about her existence.

My take:

I know, I made a reference to twilight, but no, Anya is not a vampire.

Then why relate to it? I’ll go in detail about the book and why I make stupid comments at times.

  • The story starts with death, which is the new “start here” point for the living. (Sarcasm included).
  • Protagonist is a typical bad boy who drinks (at the age of seventeen, I think there was a drinking age in my country. Times do change pretty quickly!), smokes and has all the evils. He is the kind of person you end up detesting and is obsessed with death. (you can hate him now).
  • A super achieving brother and a cousin amazing sister, mirroring the incapability of the protagonist to be anything better in life.
  • Protagonist is guitarist and a writer, Hmmm where have I heard this before? Wait Bollywood!
  • Protagonist is blamed for everything bad happening in every otherthaa character’s life cliché.
  • Love story enters!! **Claps**
  • Hero’s love interest has too many secrets and disappears at critical moments. The reader can guess the story next with support provided by news reports that states that there had been brutal murders in Shimla.

Then the story takes supernatural turns and somewhere the story is both absurd and interesting in a way. It’s like one wants to see where the story will go next. Also the story recounts the individual stories of all the characters, bringing in a lot of depth to the story and the plot. This is one reason where the reader can just fall into the story.

The story makes the reader think on life and death, it’s consequences and the perspectives of those left behind. It shows the regrets that a person may have if he has degraded the luxuries of life and has committed heinous crimes. This story gives a really good moral and I think all sins can be forgiven for that account alone. The story has the perfect ending that it can possibly ask for. So not a total waste, though read the book when you have some spare time. It is definitely better than Twilight and has the Indian touch to it.

Thus considering everything I rate this book a 3.5/5!

If I Stay

We are Humpty Dumpty and all these king’s horses and king’s men cannot put us back together again

  • Mia (If I stay)

There are times when I read a book to start crying, just because the book makes me feel the emotions of the character in such depth that I’m totally lost into their world. Even if that book is made into a movie and the movie made a whole lot of people cry, I still read the book first, why? Because I needed to read the words out of the page to feel it. I’m crazy, I know.

Name: If I Stay  (Click on the name to be directed to the Amazon page)

Author: Gayle Forman 

Description: (For those unfortunate to view the trailer)

The story of If I Stay revolves around a girl named Mia who is a cellist and is happy with her life until a slippery road on a snowy day shatters her life. In a matter of seconds, she is an orphan, in coma.

But somehow her spirit is extracted out her body and she moves around in the ghost like state, where she is capable of hearing and witnessing every conversation around her. When she gets to know that it is her call, regarding whether to stay or to leave, she is confounded with various situations and people who want her in their life. To fight or not to fight becomes the question that decides her future.

My Take:

Warning: The book is very sad, so keep a box of tissues nearby. I didn’t cry though, except for few drops that fell on the pillow, not counted.

Here are the things that made this book really sweet and amazing for me:

  • The protagonist is a good girl (How rare is that!). She is sweet, observant and the kind of girl you want as your daughter.
  • The lead guy is a perfect cliché. But no sins, as it is his role to be the nice guy.
  • Story is unique as it takes the dive to death first and starts the flashback in a series of stories from Mia’s memories. I liked this part the most. Isn’t it true, how often we ignore everything that is plain and average while living and then miss it when we are at the peak of losing it?
  • The story revolves around music.
  • Super amazing parents, book deserves a bonus point.
  • The story brings out various perspectives of the characters that try to support the protagonist and hope to make her stay. It’s something where the real test of relationships are done. Whether it be your grandmother or be it your best friend, they love you, so live a life treasuring them

This was pretty small read where there is only the emotions and memories driving through the reader. What I also felt was, If I had that choice, what would I do? Will I stay a cripple and orphan or choose to die? Then again, it never snows in my city and also I’m a house owl, I don’t go out in rains. The question is rather invalid in my case.

Anyway since this book was a cozy read I rate it 3/5 stars!

My Impossible Hate

So I’m back with another book, but this time around I have been disappointed gravely. For I have encountered a book that left me hollow and sick of love stories for the rest of my life! Okay, that’s way too dramatic than required.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that “I’m sorry, but this book leaves a bad taste after reading it”. So which is this book anyway?

Name:Our Impossible Love 

Author: Durjoy Datta 


Publisher: Penguin Books

our impossilbe love

Description of the book:

The author tried to bring out a love story in a new setting where the age is a bar and the all-powerful love conquers it all. Yay!. Wait. It didn’t turn out like that. It was more like a cheesy piece of work where there is a jobless guy who didn’t get a degree in psychology and ends up being a counselor to teenage kids at a high school. Okay and he is typically average and good for nothing.

There is school kid who looks super hot and somehow messed-up in terms of teenage drama and is need of a counselor(such an idiot!). So the cosmos come together and Ola! their fates get entangled into bloody knot.

Then some weird stuff that somehow never happened in my school happens and there is a whole new plot to the story and then Ta da! everyone lives happily ever after.

My take:

I actually gave my opinion above there, but then again I’m not done scolding. So here is what I think,

  1. Opening of the novel couldn’t be more stupid or vulgar. I thought it was about impossible love, not about unrealistic story between two people who are old enough to be anything but lovers.
  2. Story line is taken from the “Boring school of unrelated plot sequences”
  3. If you have ever hated yourself for being useless, read this book. It is a feel-good book for every person who is feeling low. The protagonist is on top of the “Wasted-resources” list.
  4. Protagonist has an amazing, super hot, super genius brother who excels in everything. A mirror of the protagonist’s failure in life.
  5. Protagonist is a weakling who happens to be running from his own fate( Why do I find this a common characteristic of new age heroes?)
  6. The lead lady is not even a lady yet! She is a school kid for God’s sake! She is not even old enough to understand what love is, let alone fall in one!
  7. If my mom was sick, I would not be like the lead child. She is an embarrassment to the family( No, I’m not being an orthodox Indian when I say that)
  8. What a plot twist! The villain has my name, only good point of the story. He did his job of being a bad guy. Go bad guy! You are only one who will get paid in future, when and if this book is made into a movie.
  9. Ending, rushed, senseless and by the way how does everyone be happy after taking revenge? I will never understand.

But wait there is more, here are some things that was good about the book:

  1. Good message regarding how to fight for your rights, if you are ever raped. (wait was that what the author tried to tell? I’m not sure. I’m so confused!)
  2. A confusing book. It’s hard to confuse me, but book, congratulations, I’m thoroughly confused. Bravo!

So the conclusion is that even though the author has given some really amazing books previously, such as When Only Love Remains, World’s Best Boyfriend(not so amazing) and many more (which I have yet to read), this is not one of his best works.

I’m sorry love, but this book gets only 0.5/5 stars.


The Demon Deception

There are many things in life that we underestimate. One of those things is the magic of life. We know that magic is for kids, but we also know that given an opportunity to let go of reality and fall into another realm, we would all gladly pick it up.

One such ticket to another realm is The Demon Deception by Kirthi Kishore. It is one book that put the reader into a whole new world imagined by the author. So without further adieu lets get into the book!

Name: The Demon Deception 

Author:  Kirthi Kishore 

Publishers: Ferntree publishing 

ISBN: 978-93-85500-02-2

Star Rating: 3/5!

demon deception


The Demon Description is about a just sixteen turned Vishakapatnam boy Sharath who is destined for greater things in a parallel universe called Prithu. Prithu is the land of Gods, who apparently decided to disappear after a terrible war with the demons a ten thousand years ago. Even though at that time the demon numbers were decimated, they waited for the iron to get hot before they decide to strike. Now the time to fulfill their dreams have arrived with Prithu being helpless, ignorant and weak.

Then where does Sharath fit in? He comes as the sole savior with no knowledge regarding magic or Prithu. Let alone saving a universe, he hasn’t held a sword throughout his life!

When great unexpected things start happening around him, Sharath inevitably gets caught up in other worldly events.

My Take:

This is one of the books which I have mixed feelings about. So I’ll list the cons and pros of this book according to me:


  • The story starts off hesitantly with its own misgivings and also a strong theme of being set in India {Yay!!}.
  • The story is very fast paced with less character depth. I couldn’t connect with the character well but that doesn’t mean that all characters are just brought in to picture and kicked out.
  • The deeper the story goes, the more I feel as though I’m reading Harry Potter set in India. Then Percy Jackson also joins in! And the character named Arya is a mix of Gandalf and Dumbledore! There is an academy, a sorting, a fire that chooses the competitors, mythical creatures, potions and a teacher who hates our hero.! This annoyed me a lot. But that also has  a redeeming quality as the story highlights the features of India throughout the magic lore.
  • The story focuses completely on our hero and lot of the other characters just fade into the background eventually.


  • The story is gripping and puts the reader into a reading trance.
  • One of the best Indian Fantasy books ever!
  • An excellent plot and amazingly written with enough magic and mystery!
  • The ending is really really good as it sets up the stage for the sequel, making the reader want more.
  • The plot is well thought over and well written. It makes the reader experience the situation through multiple points of few, making it a wonderful experience!
  • The division of demon ranking and the mythical creatures that were present in India are some of things I really loved. {Common, Indian mythology works based on brain power, not on mystical creatures swooping in! It is a herculean task to write fantasy in India! So Kudos Author!!!}

demon deception 2.jpg

Overall the book is an entertainer with minor faults. It is completely worth the 400 pages of magic, mystery and demons.!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and this in turn has had not affected my opinion regarding the book.