Review: Finding Juliet

When you look back, most days in life seem ordinary, but there are some that change your life forever and remain etched in your memory.

  • Finding Juliet

A lot of love stories for the valentine month and I hadn’t expected four in one love story plus few odd ones here and there in a single book.

Times are changing. The book that showed me that was:

Name: Finding Juliet

Author: Toffee

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-82665-85-4

finding juliet.jpg  Description of Finding Juliet:

Arjun is a geek engineer with bad luck hovering over him in the department of love.

When his friend asks him about the past, Arjun divulges in his story of how lady luck shied away from him not once.


Then there is another part of his life with friends and parents he neglects every time a new girl walks into his life.

When that same girl walks out, he reverts back to his life support: Anjali.

It takes time for him to articulate his thoughts and understand what exactly is he searching for when everyone around him gives him the “Handbook of understanding women”.

Will he finally understand what his heart wants? Does the fate have something else planned for him?


My take on Finding Juliet:

There was a time when a single love story sufficed for a book and a person. The requirements to an exciting love story changed not in quality but with quantity. Triangle love stories turned into hexagon and octagon love stories. Now one-to-one stories with too many intersections and speed breakers make up for a “good” love story.

This book starts off on the same lines.

However, this book surprised me when it changed course and came to a stand still when it decided to become “The Handbook of understanding women and their behavior!”

That was kind of funny and at times infuriating. I was wondering, “Do girls really do that?”

If you think the book is coming to an end, you are in for a sweet surprise. The hero becomes a playboy. A geek is reborn as a flirt.

That is the moment when he witnesses that many men live a hollow life because of too much expectation from things that cannot and do not deliver.

The writing is simple, interesting and the grammatical mistakes are only present in dialogues giving it a colloquial touch rather than highlight itself as a mistake.

This book is for young adults and people who love “love stories”. I for one am not that much into them hence, if the book inspired me enough to make me read it completely, then that book is good enough read.

Overall I liked the book and I feel that it is a light read, good enough for a break read rather than a serious read.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



Review: One Indian Girl

I think I’m crazy. No. I am pretty much crazy. Reason?

The book which I read even after hearing everyone, I repeat, hearing everyone say “not worth reading”.

I’m a glutton for self-punishing by reading books that antagonize the reader.

If you are pretty fed-up with life and want to feel good, pick this book up and tell yourself that even if you choose to write a story, you would do better than this.

If you are still confused, then the book is One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat.

Name: One Indian Girl

Author: Chetan Bhagat.

Publisher: Roopa Publication

ISBN: 978-81-291-4214-6

one indian girl.jpg Description of One Indian Girl:

Meet Radhika, a super achiever working at Goldman Sachs and earning over half a million.

Meet Brijesh, the poor guy getting married to Radhika.

Seems like a simple love story?

Well, you are yet to know Radhika well. She is a “Feminist”.

Sounds like a different specimen right? Not exactly.

She wants equality. In what exactly?

Wait till the end.

This is her story of never-ending narration of her past and failed relationships. So read at your own risk.

Okay, what’s the point of two sections of my opinion and the blurb? It sounds the same to me.

On this Valentine’s day, I will suggest every single person read this book. Why? You will definitely feel so awesome about being single!!!

Back to the book, I will be very mature and write what exactly I liked about the book rather than crib about it at this point.

I liked the cover.

So coming to what I didn’t like about the book:

The story. There wasn’t any.

The point I’m trying to make is this: The book kind of demeans the reader’s intellect and the culture India as a whole stands for. There is a character assassination of every Punjabi Mom for I, being a Bangalorean can tell you Punjabi mothers are not bears and are not ultra stupid. Next Punjabi fathers. I don’t think they are biased people who keep silent during the raging world war at home. However, I shall not stand to judge that.

Next Punjabi fathers. I don’t think they are biased people who keep silent during the raging world war at home. However, I shall not stand to judge that.

Coming to young women of India who happen to go out of the nation. Well, no comments again. I don’t think they end up being so mentally weak that they require others to control their highs and lows.

Finally the guys of this epic book, Debu, the useless, Neel, the careless, and Brijesh, the helpless. I can’t describe these masterpieces with words. I find myself lost with my sorrow at how stupid these men are and clearly clueless.

I totally give up after so much frustration. I did this to myself.

So now to get over book depression I choose to go pick up another book. Hope that is better in that One Indian Girl.

Guess what? I have a feeling that it will be.

Review: My Father is A Hero!

“I can understand what you are thinking about. I think about it myself all the time. If only I could too. We are the If Only I Could Too Class Sir.”

  • My Father is a Hero.

There is no shortage of love stories in this whole wide book-world. For every nook and corner, there happens to be at least one book with the hero tailing behind his lady-love or there is a doe-eyed beauty wishing for the attention of a knight in shining armor. Love has been molded into standard teenage-awestruck moment making the emotion a source of super-power to accomplish things that are beyond the border of imagination.

Amidst this, I happen to land upon a book that tells the tale of an ordinary man trying his best to bring every joy to the apple of his eyes, his daughter.

Here is the tale that makes love something more than an emotion. It makes life seem significant.

Name: My Father Is a Hero

Author: Nishant Kaushik

Publishers: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-82665-60-1

my father is my hero.jpgDescription of My Father is A Hero

Vaibhav Kulkarni is an ordinary, down-to-Earth man, with average lifestyle good enough for his daughter Nisha Kulkarni. The father and daughter live a happy and peaceful life in a small world of their own.


A day arrives when Nisha doesn’t talk to her father anymore. Vaibhav is at loss as his only reason for living is slipping away from his fingers. She avoids him and soon Vaibhav gets to hear her failure in school through skipping classes and slipping grades.


Vaibhav has a choice to bury all his dreams to bring back the smile on his daughter’s face. The choice between a comfortable life and happy life.

A struggle for love, a struggle to stand up to his daughter….

What makes a father a hero in his daughter’s eyes?

This above video kind of sums up what the book tries to convey to the reader. Maybe most of you would have watched this video either when it went viral on WhatsApp or Facebook. Even then do take a look, you will feel the book!

My take on My Father is a Hero:

There are no words that can describe the book as it is really good. Being a daughter I know that my father is my hero. However, reading it in the words of someone else takes you back through the pages of your own life making you revisit your history and remember.

Remember the day you were proud to be a daughter to such an amazing man,

Remember the day the tear snuck down his face when you were ill,

Remember the time he clapped the loudest at your performance,

Remember the time when he laughed at your silly jokes and still didn’t judge you.

When everything fades away, he will still be there to hold your hand and take you across this hurdle. He will wait for you to sort your priorities and still smile even when you chose to leave.

I felt all that when I read through the book and maybe somewhere someone also should read this book to forgive themselves and run back to that old man waiting for them.

The words of this book felt like a tribute to all those amazing fathers out there who have not been appreciated enough. Those men who don’t show a lot of emotions but still feel the same amount of love and pain as that of our mothers!

Coming back to the book, the writing is fantastic with all the dramatic pauses and tear jerking situations. Its a joy to read this book, thank you author!

father is a hero.png

What I didn’t like about the book was..

It got over too soon…..

The best part, the story. It is beautiful and all daughters should definitely read this once.

This is one book that is simple, ordinary and plain. However, once you read it, its simplicity makes you fall in love, makes ordinary seem extraordinary and nothing seems plain anymore.

I thank writersmelon for this amazing book, and apologies for the delayed review. I loved the book no matter who gave it, however, thank you for showing me the existence of this book!


Review: Kashmir 90!

A story is where a life is created, a journey is made and a world is destroyed. One cannot live a story without living the drama, the sadness, the joy and the rollercoaster ride.

I had delayed all the book reviews in the wait for an epic drama called semester exams and to my surprise, the first book of the new year is the story of another engineering student. I have started getting this notion that we engineers are pretty great at story telling and we all have some sort of story to tell.

Before I digress, let me introduce Kashmir 90!

Name: Kashmir 90 (Click on the link to buy)

Author:  Vineet Mishra

Publisher: Frog books (

ISBN: 978-93-52017-42-3

kashmir90 Description of Kashmir 90:

The story of a silent valley thrown into chaos narrated in a unique way.

The story to inspire people about life and how to keep changing along with its waves.

The story of Shiv and Maya along with that of Vineet and Mallika as they try to bring back the joy in their monotonous life.

In 1990 Kashmir fell prey to the communal riots, orphaned many Kashmiri Pandits and made them nomads. In this processes lies the story of a guy named Shiv Pandit who is estranged from his home and the only girl he has ever loved: Maya.

Life takes him across the length and breadth of the country just to find his lost love and to find a home away from home.

Join him in his journey where lessons of life are learned in a different way.


My take on Kashmir 90:

I personally don’t like love stories. I am not a fan of that genre. I do like to read really cry-worthy love stories though. I know I’m a sadist. However, I read this book. That tells a lot about the love story on its own.

The story overall is a good read though if you are looking for action of the riots, then you will be disappointed. Also the protagonist is just likable. Not the kind of guy I would trust or recommend anyone to trust.

The story could have been written and portrayed in a better as it was kind of influenced with Bollywood. I was not satisfied with that. However, I was happy about one thing.

I am in the book!!

I mean, my name is Vibha and there is a character named Vibha in the book. Since she portrayed to be an okay-to-like character I’m little happy about it.

This does not affect my opinion though.

I like the concept of the plot. I like the way the flow of the story is carried out. What I didn’t like was the grammatical errors across every few pages. It really makes reading difficult and hard to get involved with the story.

If that is rectified then the book is a pretty decent read.

So out of 5, I rate the book 3 stars!

Thank you, Author and Nishant for sending me this book and I’m really sorry for the delay in reviewing.


Review: A Knotty Affair!

A love story will never go out reading trends, no matter which season the reader is holding on to. Not that I endorse love stories (A lot of you already know the way I treat them) however, I did like the title of this book and requested to read it.

Here comes, A Knotty Affair.

Name: A Knotty Affair (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt

Publishers: Frog Books

ISBN: 978-93-52016-24-2

knottyaffair.jpg Description of A Knotty Affair:

A Knotty Affair narrates the story of Viraj, a guy who has gone through hardships of being from a poor background, having an inherent problem of stammering and immense lack of confidence.

Currently, he has overcome most of his past fears and troubles.

Or he assumes as much..

Until the past calls him on a wrong number and rips apart his present with the floodgates of the past.

His past holds an unhealed wound named Ruhi Khanna. When she waltzes back into Viraj’s life, what should he do? Should he face it and lay the pain to rest? Or should he ignore and move on?

That is one part of the story. There is another part where he has to defend the honor of his father in front of the whole world which defamed him and led him down a path that he couldn’t return from. To what lengths can a son go to defend his father?

My take on A Knotty Affair:

I have a mixed opinion about the book.

There is no match for a well-written plot and amazing narration. Which, in my opinion was lacking on both fronts with this book. The story was good, I’m not against that. However, there are million love stories out there that make some smile while making others weep. This book did neither of that for me. That was quite a letdown.

The editing was very poor as the story is narrated in the same way that a conversation occurs. That is rather irritating when you want to enjoy the story but end up finding mistakes on each and every page. That was a major hindrance while reading. That is also an avenue where newer editions can be developed and rectified.

The best part of the book was the character development.

Ruhi and Viraj are the focus of the book, however, there are other characters who associate themselves with the story and are developed well along the path.

During development, I did find that Viraj is an idiot. Characterizations such as these are what leads to women assuming men to be emotionally weak and desperate to find love. There are situations when Viraj does make himself strong, like the court scenarios. I feel good when I read the subtle strength of the character brought out in a way that the reader can take an example from.

I will not comment on the characterization of Ruhi as I am still in a dilemma of my own regarding her. I find her irritating and confused. I wish she was more sorted out rather than making a mess out of the story. Maybe, that is the reason the book is named “A Knotty Affair”. Now I get it.

So all together I rate the book 3/5! With a better editing the star rating could have been more.

I thank the author and Nishant Joshi for sending me this book. It was a light read for a heavy day!


Review: When Love Finds You

Everyone has a “choice”. A choice to live and a choice to love.

After a long time, I felt like a goblin hitting a goldmine!

At the first look of 300 odd pages, I expected six days to read this book that hooked me with its excerpt. Somehow, two days later I’m holding the last page of it and asking

“Now what?”

Want to know the book behind that reaction?

Here comes: When Love Finds You

Author: Yashodhara Lal

Publishers: Harlequin

ISBN: 978-93-5264-084-3


Description of When Love Finds You:

The protagonist is a kick ass corporate Hitler, who makes for a nightmare for the rest of the sales team. Her good name Natasha. She is strict, punctual, meets her targets( even if she has to drain the blood of her executives before the month end!) . She is one person you wouldn’t want to cross paths with.

Then enters the ladies man, Rishab who flirts his way to the top. Natasha “actively hates” him even before he starts his mission of “Make Natasha’s life miserable”.

Also now is also the time when Nikhil, the silent charmer enters into the corporate love story. He has the brains and the skills that make Natasha swoon.

More than the office drama, Natasha is experiencing her own demons come to life with various past and present incidents catching up to her. The game of corporate targets is draining her.

However, she is not a person to give up.

How is she going to handle everything? How will her decisions affect all the three people? What is it that she has left behind in her past?


My take of “When Love Finds You”

If you are fed up with senseless love stories that start with puppy love and end with you wanting to tear the book, then wait no more! The book you have been waiting has arrived!

When I heard that this is a love story, I was pretty wary of it. I have had bad experiences with books that claim to be love stories.

Then I start with the excerpt that promises:

  • A super strong female protagonist = instant love!
  • No crap of Bollywood that involves the lead lady to wear white saree and dance in rain.
  • The author has poured cold water in the face with an honest corporate look and the work of  women in the position of power. That is a good thing. (And I’m not a judge of corporate wisdom)
  • There is no hideous villain. (Thank God for that). The story lets the reader take a stand and then unveils the good guy and the bad guy.
  • There is this super amazing cranky old neighbor of Natasha, who happens to be the sole character in everyone’s lives. I loved her the most in the book.

Then inside the book, I find some more love-worthy bits such as Dog love. I don’t know how the author brought about this piece without making the storyline weird. It was very beautiful.

Another such amazing thing is Mother and her love. Hadn’t expected it at all.

I can keep counting the good things and go on forever. Let me tell a few things that could have been changed to make better:

  • The story at some point feels like it is not flowing like it should have. There is something that lags the story. I couldn’t find it though.
  • Protagonist smokes. I find smokers to be crazy.
  • Fitness freak Natasha made me too much self-conscious. Maybe I should follow her diet routine as well. Note to self.
  • I wish Tisha had more appearance. I liked her.

wlfy2-compressor  So with that, I would love to conclude with a lot of love and gratitude for this amazing book. I had so much fun reading it and it took my mind of a lot of things.

Also, it is a light read and clean enough for anyone to read in public unlike the new trend of love stories.

Finally, the book that stands apart from the new age love stories and a great entertainer. It also has a message through the mistakes of Natasha and I think that is enough of me expressing so much about this book.

With a 4/5 star rating, I shall take my leave!

Review: Her Resurrection

God gives the most devastating of battles to the strongest and bravest of His warriors. When the fog of war settles in their lives, there is reborn a beautiful person filled with compassion, kindness and a deep loving concern. They constitute the most wonderful people of humankind, wielding the power to change the world.

  • Damien (Her Resurrection)

Even when I’m hiding under the aegis of college work, some books remind me of where I started out my journey. One such book is Her Resurrection.

Name: Her Resurrection (Click on the link to buy)

Author:  Soumyadeep Koley

Publication: Gargi Publication

ISBN: 9789384382087

her resurrection.jpg  Description of Her Resurrection:

The story is of a young girl who is full of joy, dreams, and sunshine. It is the story of a girl who wants learn instead of being married off as a burden to the family. It is the story of a girl who loses everything in a single night: Her father, her mother and herself.

It is the story of a girl who falls prey to the sick society that people don’t witness. It is the story of a girl who fights for her dreams even with the hardships. It is the story of a girl who emerges from the flames after being burnt and betrayed by the people she trusts.

With so much to tell, based on the real-life incident, the story turns into the journey of a girl named Maya who struggles to reach the pinnacle of life after a lot of swimming through deepest and darkest dungeons of the country to reach out to the sunlight of hope and happiness. Will she be the same innocent girl who started out on this journey or will she break under the pressure of the society and what the society makes out of her?

Take a look at the small trailer that tells the story of Maya, all on its own:


My Review of Her Resurrection:

My honest opinion when I first started reading was : It is a slap of reality into the face of every woman out there to read about the conditions of another woman and the challenges she faces in her life. The way the Soumyadeep Koley has brought about the story of Maya, made me cry at situations wondering how can someone totally dictate another person’s life?

“You are the daughter of the same God, whose son is I. If a person thinks another person is dirty, he is ignoring God’s beating heart.”

The second part of the book where Maya literally awakens from the flames of hardships was perfectly brought out in a subtle way but in a really effective way. Each chapter was power packed making the reader think twice before moving ahead. As a woman, the book was really a motivation and inspiration to everyone and an eye-opener to people like me who are unaware of the cruel world outside.

The best part of the book..

The innocence of Maya and how she keeps her dream alive. Every person she meets gives her a new perspective of life and every other person validate a reason for her to live so as to search for the purpose of her existence. That was the most thoughtful and meaningful thing that one can derive from this book! Hence I rate this book 4/5 stars!

No amount of apologies can make up for the fact that I have delayed reading such an amazing book. I thank the Author Soumyadeep Koley, and Nishant Joshi for providing me this book in exchange for an honest review. I learnt a lot from this and this book will always be close to me!