Review: When Arya Fell Through The Fault

Somewhere in time

That’s the sentence etched into my mind after reading this book. There is has been multiple attempts by various authors to bring the greatest Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharat to the children of the modern days. By far this is the best one I

By far this is the best one I have read. So without further ado here comes: When Arya Fell Through Fault.

Name: When Arya Fell Through The Fault (Click on the link to buy)

Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora

Publishers: Om Books International

ISBN: 98-93-81607626

whenaryafellthroughfaut.jpg Description of When Arya Fell Through The Fault: 

This is a coming-of-age story of a 12-year-old Indian-American Arya. He loves the stories that his mother tells him, taking him into the mystic lands of Ramayana. However, being on the other end of cultural confusion and not able to fit in with people, He starts hating his origin and tries to avoid it.

Little did he know that life would eventually catch up and make him repent his mistakes, one-by-one.

When one punishment ends up taking the most precious thing in his life away from him, he is wrecked and somehow fate intervenes and takes him on an unbelievable journey.

The journey shows his life in a mirror, his achievements, and his darkest deeds. The solution is presented o him to save the one thing that matters to him the most. Will he take it? Or will he not?

whenaryafellthroughfault4-compressor.png My Take on When Arya Fell Through The Fault:

First I thought that this is a children’s book and had a small let down when I realized that the protagonist-Arya is a brat and too childish for my liking.

However, after a little thought on the book, I understood that maybe growing up away from home where you live the stories, leaves you hollow.

I was one of the most fortunate people, who grew up listening to the laurels of Lord Rama and mischiefs of Lord Krishna. Thank God for that!

Coming back to the book, the beginning chapters are written very well, more relatable to children rather than adults. Being 20 and reading a book for 12-year-old may have made me feel little awkward.

That feeling didn’t last long,

Because the author gives twists that anyone of any age can relate to and understand. The story becomes more interesting and amazing with each turn of the page.

The Best part is

The conclusion. Nothing can be as amazing as that. After reading it I was like “How can the Author make something so sad the happiest moment in the book??”

It is such a beautiful ending that I must have read it around five times just to relive the emotions I felt while reading it.

Maybe the book is for children, maybe people who have read Ramayana find it little boring, maybe the starting was very weird and you can say anything you want, but nothing, absolutely nothing can match the ending. It is the best and the perfect ending I could ever imagine. The whole book is waiting for you to reach there, to live that moment.

I read while commuting back from college and the sun was setting with golden hues painting the skies marking the end of an amazing story. I remember looking at all the other people traveling with me and wondering did they just feel the sadness? did they feel the emotions of Arya? did they go through the trauma? maybe not, maybe they never will.

However one thing is for sure,

Everyone who reads this carries with them Arya’s lesson. An adult or a child, they will remember it!

Thank you, Nishant Joshi! And thank you Reenita Ma’am for such a good read! A 3.75/5 star indeed!


Review: Fire, Wings and Claws

How soon we forget that we were once kids who watched Harry Potter and Hobbit! I was one of those people who read Cornelia Funke’s Ink Heart series looking for dragons and Eragon by Christopher Paolini just for the elves. I had an amazing time reading them.

Then I came across a book that reminded me of those good times and also left me with a realization that I have officially grown up. Here comes: Fire, Wings and Claws.

Name: Fire,Wings and Claws (Click on the name to be re-directed to “buy” option)

Author:  Kiran Damera

Publishers: Kiwi Books

firewingsclaws.jpg  Story of Fire, Wings and Claws:

So to every fantasy fan out there, you would have got the important point about the book: Dragons.

For those unlucky ones who haven’t grasped it yet, this book is about a twelve-year-old kid named Ian who along with his friend Drake is super mischievous and adventurous. This entangles them into business of people from another world: Scyrin.

Due to unfortunate circumstances they end up tumbling into that world’s politics and warfare. But that’s not the point.

The point is……

Dragons! Every kind, every color, every shape and size have a place for them right here. Wait.

I digress.

Soon the people of Scyrin realize that Ian is the only one who can save them the evil Carloth, who is the king without kingdom and is waiting to take over Scyrin and the Scarlet Heart.

My Review :

The book is suitable for school kids as they can truly relate and enjoy it. If I were a fourteen year old, I would have liked it a lot.

But since I’m an adult, or so I think, it took me back to the era where even I had posters of dragon on my walls. The story was good, plot not exactly highly developed and characters are also not that extraordinary.

The irony of the book:

  • The parents of Ian are not essential to the story line, so lets side line them.
  • Introduce Dumbledore! Wait. Sorry, not Dumbledore. But someone in those shoes.
  • Let the Dwarfs be the enemies of dragons and their location a secret. Hobbit much?
  • People be aware, coming to India on a wrong plane can take you to Scyrin. Use the correct map.
  • The king and people of Scyrin are really good and kind. Too sweet for that matter. I’d be very suspicious if people wearing weird clothes dropped in front of my home with a dagger in hand and a broken flying machine.
  • Nice castle. No I’m not talking about Hogwarts. This is all original and pretty cool. I liked the beast in the basement better.
  • Villain is original. Bonus points.
  • Dragons! but vegetarian. Don’t eat tasty humans.

One thing that annoyed be beyond anything is editing work of the book. Every time you read Drake as drake, I want to tear a sheet. Wait I’d tear the book completely at this book. A lot of grammar mistakes and spellings. So that’s when I realized, I’m a grown up. Even I started worrying about spellings.

With all that I rate the book 3/5 stars! Bonus and credits to Dragons!

I thank the Author and Anuj Kumar for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. I also thank the author for reminding how fun it is to be a kid again! Thank you!


Bringing An Ocean of Joy!

I hated little mermaid all my life thinking how sad it was for a fish to fall in love with human, then someone told me that the story was stupid. The next day I gifted him a copy of little mermaid and said “Read first before you make a fool out of yourself”

  • Anonymous

Everyone who watched Disney while growing up has encountered little mermaid. But how about a retelling with a sweet twist and modern outlook? Looks good? then this is the book that has to be on your shelf:

Name: Urban Mermaid: Tails from Colony Island (Book one) 

Author:  Howard Parsons 

Publishers: Moonlight Garden Publications

ISBN: 978-1-93821-72-3

Star Rating: 2/5


Penelope Anne Tench is a mermaid. A modern mermaid with education, job and no mate. Then there is the Scottish boy, Peter MacPherson who has extreme bad luck in life. When super powers collaborate to make these two meet, will they have a smooth sail or do they need to swim across the obstacle course?

My Take:

I’ll keep this simple. If I were a fourteen year old, maybe I would have really loved it, but I’m not. I’m not sure for which age group the story was initially written for, but it didn’t keep me hooked. It is a really sweet romance between a mythical creature and a human, a retelling to be honest, but the story is way too sweet {Beware, you might end up with diabetes}. There weren’t much of unexpected twists and turns, the pace is pretty slow, romantic and I know I’m unfair towards stories with happily-ever-afters and without a crazy psychotic ax murderer.

You can kind of guess where the story is heading to after a point and feel irritated when the story starts dragging. Also if you are planning a wedding, read this book. You will get a detailed insight as to how to organize the wedding and even change into a “mer” folk.

But this book does have some redeeming qualities as well. The book gives a deep insight on “mer” life and depth of thoughts of few characters which have have developed. The rest is still something that needs working on. The mechanics of “mer” life is given in extreme detail and somehow it all ends with the mythical creatures loving to walk around naked! Seems so absurd! But then again, they are mythical for a reason.

So if you want to know the life cycle and general history of mermaids and mermen, this book is really good. As for entertainment, I give a one out of five stars.


I tried really hard to like this book, but somehow, I couldn’t connect with it. Initially I was very interested in it, but slowly after 300 pages, the story was dragging and I was yawning.

I thank the author for sending me this book as a part of giveaway! Thank you.

The Demon Deception

There are many things in life that we underestimate. One of those things is the magic of life. We know that magic is for kids, but we also know that given an opportunity to let go of reality and fall into another realm, we would all gladly pick it up.

One such ticket to another realm is The Demon Deception by Kirthi Kishore. It is one book that put the reader into a whole new world imagined by the author. So without further adieu lets get into the book!

Name: The Demon Deception 

Author:  Kirthi Kishore 

Publishers: Ferntree publishing 

ISBN: 978-93-85500-02-2

Star Rating: 3/5!

demon deception


The Demon Description is about a just sixteen turned Vishakapatnam boy Sharath who is destined for greater things in a parallel universe called Prithu. Prithu is the land of Gods, who apparently decided to disappear after a terrible war with the demons a ten thousand years ago. Even though at that time the demon numbers were decimated, they waited for the iron to get hot before they decide to strike. Now the time to fulfill their dreams have arrived with Prithu being helpless, ignorant and weak.

Then where does Sharath fit in? He comes as the sole savior with no knowledge regarding magic or Prithu. Let alone saving a universe, he hasn’t held a sword throughout his life!

When great unexpected things start happening around him, Sharath inevitably gets caught up in other worldly events.

My Take:

This is one of the books which I have mixed feelings about. So I’ll list the cons and pros of this book according to me:


  • The story starts off hesitantly with its own misgivings and also a strong theme of being set in India {Yay!!}.
  • The story is very fast paced with less character depth. I couldn’t connect with the character well but that doesn’t mean that all characters are just brought in to picture and kicked out.
  • The deeper the story goes, the more I feel as though I’m reading Harry Potter set in India. Then Percy Jackson also joins in! And the character named Arya is a mix of Gandalf and Dumbledore! There is an academy, a sorting, a fire that chooses the competitors, mythical creatures, potions and a teacher who hates our hero.! This annoyed me a lot. But that also has  a redeeming quality as the story highlights the features of India throughout the magic lore.
  • The story focuses completely on our hero and lot of the other characters just fade into the background eventually.


  • The story is gripping and puts the reader into a reading trance.
  • One of the best Indian Fantasy books ever!
  • An excellent plot and amazingly written with enough magic and mystery!
  • The ending is really really good as it sets up the stage for the sequel, making the reader want more.
  • The plot is well thought over and well written. It makes the reader experience the situation through multiple points of few, making it a wonderful experience!
  • The division of demon ranking and the mythical creatures that were present in India are some of things I really loved. {Common, Indian mythology works based on brain power, not on mystical creatures swooping in! It is a herculean task to write fantasy in India! So Kudos Author!!!}

demon deception 2.jpg

Overall the book is an entertainer with minor faults. It is completely worth the 400 pages of magic, mystery and demons.!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and this in turn has had not affected my opinion regarding the book.

The Code Of Manavas

“To make an endeavor successful, it is not about how firm your leap of faith is, rather how firm your faith in your leap is.”

-Arpit Bakshi(The Code Of Manavas)

 As always, reading a book by an Indian author is always the best gift an Indian can receive. Without further adieu bringing the amazing science fiction by an Indian Author:

Name:The Code Of Manavas: Beyond The Realm 

Author:  Arpit Bakshi 

Publishers: Notion Press 

ISBN: 978-93-5206-547-9

Star Rating: 3.75/5!

For a visual description by the author, watch the trailer: Youtube

There is always a difficulty in mixing mythology, spirituality and science-fiction. Considering the mix, on first impression, I thought “That’s impossible!”.

Surprise! Surprise!  Author  Arpit Bakshi has made the giant effort in bringing all these together without a hint of suspicion over the story line.

The story is relatively simple:

Humans have meddled too much with mother nature and she is taking her revenge by sinking all the huge, powerful continents one by one until only a part in India is left standing(Yay India!!). But even this is life on borrowed time.

The protagonist is a young(old by the timeline of million borrowed years) scientist, Krishna who is the founder of Bhoomidium, an organic compound helping Bhoomi(India) survive and thrive. It’s property is to heal and re-create life. But as side effects, it can enhance the mind power of humans making them super humans(Manavas). But nothing comes without a price. The catch here is, this organic compound cannot save everything. It cannot stop geological changes.

So now the protagonist has to find an alternative solution. There is one:leave the planet. But will he be successful?

The story is similar to Satyajit Ray’s incredible adventures of Professor Shonku . But that was only a collection of short stories in science fiction and the similarity ends with being science fiction.

Even then the writing style and the narration is very authentic and has the element of nature’s beauty. It’s so beautiful at times that one can just get lost within those mesmerizing words.

Just like a rising sun, a kid would be born-soft and soothing. He would learn to leave behind the horizon and leap into the unimaginable limitless sky. After making a mark on otherwise unconquerable vast sky, he would blossom into a ball of passion, hot and ever ready for any challenge that would meet him eye in eye.

But the book not only holds the imagination sphere filled with creative visions, it also brings out the hard facts to face. Either be it about our miscreants towards nature or about the misuse of power in the name of greed, it’s brought out in a manner a reader can feel ashamed of being a human.

A widely popular myth is still a myth and a truth ignored will still qualify as truth.

What I liked the most about the book was the way the story is crafted. It’s moderately paced, intriguing and involves everything an Indian story should have. From emotional drama to action everything is there!

In few words one can say:

Smooth sailing on intermittently rocking waves, with a distant faintly visible shore!

The Vedic culture is brought to light which I felt was not so well explained. There could have been a brief introduction to the lifestyle, that was the only thing that disappointed me a little. Rest assured this is one Indian-tastic read!!

I thank the author for giving this book in exchange for an honest review, which played no part of influence in the said review.