The Emperor’s Edge

Here is a small checklist about the things required to make an adventure book really amazing:

  1. Strong, smart and independent women lead- check.
  2. An unlikely team getting together to save an empire- check.
  3. A boy-emperor who is kind, considerate and sensible, but in danger-check.
  4. A stealthy and powerful assassin-check.
  5. A cunning army chief-check.
  6. An organisation intending to kill the emperor-check.
  7. A powerful evil mage-check.
  8. An adventure leading to so many things more-check.

Now the book with all the above qualities to make up for a great read for story thirsty readers is:

The Emperor’s edge by  Lindsay Buroker


This is the story of a cop named Amaranthe Lockdon who happens to be in the right place at the right time. She meets the boy-emperor unexpectedly and then her life takes a sudden twist when she receives a message to meet the chief Hollowcrest of the Royal army. She overhears about an organization called the Forge which intends to harm the Emperor. But before she can do anything about it, she is led onto a suicide mission of capturing a well known assassin called Sicairus, who is rumored to be back on a mission to kill the emperor. Determined to do her duty, Amaranthe follows clues that lead to the assassin and…. Surprise! surprise!

Everything that had made Amaranthe proud of her job comes crashing down before her eyes and thus from being an enforcer she is suddenly the wanted criminal! In the blink of an eye everything about the kingdom she knew of changes into a nightmare. Will she survive? what will she do? and how will she get out of this mess?

The book is a complete entertainer and is a must read if you like assassins! Now for the cherry on top of everything this book can offer, It is absolutely FREE!!! Nothing can be better than that!


Author: dreambookreviews

Call me an owl, a worm or even a book parasite, for all those names define me! Along with an immense love for books, I also love music, though I don't play any instrument or sing. Cooking and travelling are other things that I absolutely love.

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